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OCTOBER 2,2019




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From the East

It has been a busy and action-packed weekend of Masonry in Nashua and I thank every one of you who came out to support our exchange with John Albro and participated in any of this weekend’s events. This weekend started off with a fantastic Ladies at the Table, continued into an exceptional degree to raise 3 new Master Masons and ended with fellowship of the highest order at RW Bro. Gullett’s home. We were joined in Rising Sun by brothers from 8 different jurisdictions, including India and Germany, and we were able to witness ritual and degree performance of the highest caliber from our brothers to the North. I have not always had the opportunity to get time off from work or my other commitments to participate as I should have in past exchanges and my brothers, I will not make that mistake again! What I imagine most of us experienced this weekend is that Masonry that we always talk about, the brotherhood beyond the walls of the lodge where we get to experience the fraternity to its fullest potential.

The important thing to understand about this weekend’s event is that it does not require a busload of brothers driving across international borders. While our exchange with John Albro has built unbreakable bonds between our two lodges there are lodges within our district and our own state that we

should be seeing more often and we shouldn’t need the excuse of the exchange to pursue that fellowship that we experienced this evening. If anything, the overwhelming success of our Masonic exchange with John Albro should impress upon you the strength of our bond and you should experience that bond as often as possible by visiting with our brothers in this district. Visitation season is upon us, take advantage brethren.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Tim Marotte W.M.

From the West Richard L. Johnston PM SW

As I write this, we are spinning up our September Lodge activities. The summer ends in only a few weeks and now we are looking forward to an exceptional and busy Fall schedule that the Worshipful has planned. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again at Lodge – not so much to the approach of Winter! The Trowel is a publication of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Recently there was an article discussing ‘Internet etiquette’. We are so connected electronically these days it’s hard to find a family that doesn’t participate on the Internet through Facebook, Instagram, instant messaging, emails and Snap. All of these means of communication are new commodities within the past 30

years. As it is with all things new, people adopt and learn how to use them in different ways. Setting aside the technical issues, one cultural challenge is how people conduct themselves when using these media. It is easy for a person to hide behind an electronic screen. There is no eye-to-eye contact, it’s difficult to convey or read feelings, and our self-control mechanisms are blunted. There are good reasons why most companies have social media rules of conduct, among them the specter of legal liability, privacy concerns, and damage to their brand. As Masons, we must also be concerned. Our ‘brand’ is one of high moral character and self-improvement. Because there is essentially no privacy, each Mason owes it to himself and the Fraternity to ensure that what is posted on the internet conveys the best image of their character. None of us are angels (yet), and we have all had times where we have acted out of impulse or anger. But there is a line beyond which many posts cross into questionable territory, and this line is constantly being pushed further. I urge everyone who is a Mason, to listen to the monitor within, temper your on-line conversations, and promote the type of a strong moral man that represents our Craft favorably. I also urge us to self-police each other by whispering good counsel into a Brother’s ear when we see poor conduct on-line. Remember, friends, family, and non-Masons all know that you have it in yourself to improve, and to strive to be an exemplary Freemason at all times!

From the South: John C. Woodrow JW

When I first visited Rising Sun Lodge a brother who was showing me around said that the difference between Masons and other organizations was that was Masons kept their word. That struck me as being something important; simple and profound. The purpose of Masonry is to take a good man and make him better to strive to take a rough ashlar and make it true, square and perfect. It’s the foundation of our Lodge and I would argue a foundation of Free Masons expressed in our oaths and obligations. Are you a man who gives and keeps your word? Are you doing your part? On my way to Lodge this past Wednesday it dawned on me that I had not confirmed, I had not followed up with the brothers who said they would cook at our Stated Communication. My mind was racing as I drove into Nashua, thinking what if no one is there, what back up plan do I have? But my worry was wasted energy and as I got off the elevator on the fourth floor I smelled a delicious meal being prepared and two brothers who promised months before

to cook in the kitchen putting the final touches on our evening dinner. We have to all be accountable to each other as brothers and I am delighted to see this more and more in our Lodge, brothers showing up where they said they would be, when they said they would be there, fully prepared and ready to go, as well as additional brothers showing up just to help out in case they were needed. We can do better but we are making progress. Our Lodge openings and ritual is being performed at a higher level by brothers keeping their commitments to knowing their ritual and helping to set the standard for others. I see new men, potential brothers showing up for dinner, and to find out more about our Lodge and the activities we have are becoming better attended. And yet, we have more work to do as too much of the burden is still shared by too few brothers. We forget sometimes that it’s not about the task itself, not about picking up trash, setting up tables, doing dishes, cooking or cleaning- it’s about the camaraderie, the brotherhood and the shared experience of being part of something bigger than ourselves, an organization that strives to take good men and make them better. As you were told when you first asked about becoming a Mason, you get out of it what you put into it. To get the full benefit of being a

Mason you have to show up, participate, be accountable, make a contribution, and do your part, whatever that means for you. I invite you to join us if you haven’t been to Lodge or a Lodge event in a while-you’ll meet some honorable l brothers, doing good work, who share the same values and are striving to become better men.

The following pictures are from our Ladies of the Table held during our exchange with John Albro Lodge # 122 from Nova Scotia. She said yes.

Masonic Birthdays –October 2019

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Brother Years

Owen F. Walton 55
Richard J. Thompson 48
Brian J. Smith 37
Brian C. Turner 37
Frederick M. Raban 34
George P. Ivy 28
Steven E. Munzing 28
Dimitrios Katsioulis 24
Robert M. Porter 17
Michael A. Christopher 15
Norman W. Pelletier 14
John J. Dagianis 13
Stanley R. Heinrich 13
Pascal H. Corbinand 9
John C. Woodrow 9
Anthony F. Zanichkowsky 9
Jonathan R. Bibeau 8
Mark E. McLaughlin 8
Robert A. Nolet Jr. 8
Stephen M. Trachtenberg 8