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Masonic Trestleboard

~September 2019~

Important Lodge Events





If you need a ride to Lodge please contact the Master 603 557-8931

Elected Officers – Rising Sun 2019

Worshipful Master: Timothy Marotte

Senior Warden Richard Johnston

Junior Warden John Woodrow

Secretary Brian Smith

Associate Secretary Larry Gullett

Treasurer Kevin Bailey

Associate Treasurer Steve Bahsler

Trustee: Ed Waible

Grand Lodge Rep: Michael Tebbetts

Lodge Dues are $115 for Rising Sun, combined with the Assessments for 2019 totaling $55 this brings the total to $170. Note that dues are due prior to the ensuing year. 2019 Dues are due on or before December 31, 2018

Brethren we still have a significant number of members who have not paid their Dues.

If you need assistance, please contact the Master or Secretary


You may pay via check, or electronically via the Rising Sun Website. You may also make donations electronically for specific funds as well.

From the East

Welcome back from our Summer break! As you all know we have some busy and exciting times coming up in the next month and I hope you are all ready to come back to lodge. Coming up this month we will be visited by our brothers from the North for our annual exchange, we are continuing our visitation season here in District 2, and we will be closing out this year with a number of degrees so please pay attention to the dates on the Trestleboard and come out to support your lodge as we get back to work! I look forward to seeing everyone in the next couple of weeks at our events and hope our visitors, new brothers, and district will see your support in the months ahead.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Tim Marotte W.M.

From the West Richard L. Johnston PM SW

We Past Masters have a reputation for being unpredictably cranky. I assure you, that reputation is well deserved! You may ask yourself, why that is true? I intend to answer this in as Brotherly a way as I can, that is, by whispering good counsel. In a way, this is a personal retrospective that I hope some will take to heart. I remember as a newly-minted young Mason that I

was confused and confounded by many things I observed both in the Lodge, and across our own Grand Lodge. Being an entrepreneur, with a rapidly growing and successful company growing from $0 to $6MM in 3 years, I emulated many behaviors during the booming internet period that

looking back now – were both aggressive, and to a degree disrespectful. I repeated these behaviors because I had a payroll to fulfill, customers to satisfy, vendors, and taxes to pay. And I thought that this was how a business owner should run their business. Hard-nosed, making quick decisions, always seeking the slightest advantage, not caring how people felt about my actions.

One day, my team and I blew off an early morning breakfast at the Windows on the World. Too much work to do! And then that day – 9/11 happened. I was shaken to the core. I remember sitting on the hotel bed, watching the TV, seeing the smoke across the river, and thinking, “Should I grab that night chocolate on the pillow? If this is a war, I might need it later.” My Brothers, what unraveled for the following 2 years after, I would wish on no one. Few Brothers know that my life changed overnight. Company gone, then wife gone, bankrupt, many friends falling away, no income. Standing at the crossroads. One of our Brothers, Warren Pyles, lost his entire company in an instant! Later, he and I would talk

about how we were so lucky but by the grace of a single random decision we were spared. Two years later in January 2003, I stepped into being the Worshipful Master of this great Lodge. I was shaky, to say the least. But here there were strengths and support I found when I sat within the Tiled door. Friends who were always there, support and an ear when it was needed the most – structure, discipline that was crushed after 9/11 and then restored, and a responsibility and authority that I found helped me grow beyond all of my small struggles in the outside world – and beyond what I thought I was capable. What I learned in the succeeding years, was patience. Tolerance. Respect for Grand Lodge and the role that it plays. Charity to others who were worse off than myself. Most of all, I opened myself to the wisdom and advice of those who have gone before me – Past Masters, Grand Masters, friends, who in the continuance of their Brotherly Love would not let me fail, and who

were always there with good counsel. And so, when a Past Master decides a word is needed, even if it is not welcome, I hope you will at least listen and weigh what he says. It is the voice of experience that we hope to pass along to you so that you will not fail. For me, it saved my life, and made me a better man. For you, I hope you find it in the least interesting, but also that you will give it some thought.

Upcoming events

Sept 19th through the 22nd our Brother’s from John Albro Lodge # 122 will be visiting.

Friday September 20th we will be hosting a Ladies of the Table. Tickets are 20.00 each. Please contact Rich Johnston PM for tickets.

Saturday the 21st, John Albro will be conferring the Master Mason Degree on three of their own candidates. Let’s fill the sidelines to welcome these Brother’s on their special day.

Lodge will open at 10am.

Saturday afternoon/evening we will be continuing our fellowship and social enjoyment with a cookout at Brother Gullett’s home. Cost is 10.00. Please contact Larry Gullett PM for tickets.

September 25th

Our Official Inspection by the District Officer’s will be on the Entered Apprentice Degree

October 2, 2019


Brother Jack Tulley if entitled Lodge will open at 7:30.

October 19, 2019

Statewide Open House

October 23rd 2019

Our Official Visitation by the District

Officer’s will be on the Entered

Apprentice Degree

Masonic Birthdays –Sept. 2019

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Brother Years

Paul G. Bielawski 8
Christopher H. Fowler 8
Michael F . Rizzo 7
Scott A Smiledge-Farragamo 5
Michael Tibbetts 6
Robert Rashkin 42
Keith Vaskelionis Jr. 33
Michael F . Jean 29
Richard G. Coutoumas 19
Adam J. Freiband 12
Alan J. Sewell 9

I wish each of the above Brethren a very happy Masonic Birthday, and invite them to join us at Lodge this month, so that I may personally extend my hand and best wishes.

Timothy Marotte, W.M.

Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M., Secretary