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Rising Sun Lodge #39


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Masonic Trestleboard

~May 2019~

Important Lodge Events


WEDNESDAY – MAY 15, 2019











If you need a ride to Lodge please contact the Master 603 557-893

Upcoming events

May 25th will be a Nashua Masonic

cookout at the home of the Gullett’s. From

11am till? To ensure we have enough

vittles, please RSVP to


August 10th Deep Sea Fishing Trip, please

see Guy Martineau for more details.

Sept 19th through the 22nd our Brother’s

from John Albro Lodge # 122 will be

visiting; additional details will be published

in future Trestleboards.

From the East

At the end of March a number of your officers had the opportunity to attend events outside of the lodge. Your Senior and Junior Wardens attended the New England Brotherhood Night in Boston to meet with brothers from around the region and hear some fantastic speakers. That same night I had the opportunity to attend Ancient York’s 70s/80s themed dance with a number of brothers and their families from Ancient York and Rising Sun. These opportunities are important, developing fraternal relations with brothers outside of our own lodge and outside of the lodge room are fundamental aspects of this organization so I encourage each of you to attend events like this and in the spirit of our Senior Warden’s message, travel and meet with your brothers in other lodges, we will all be better Masons if we learn from those that we don’t interact with regularly. Our lodge is a special place, but our fraternity is deeper and more rewarding when you experience those people and activities outside of those doors.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Tim Marotte W.M.

From the West Richard L. Johnston PM SW

There are many exciting things happening in our Lodge, and my message this month is to bring some of them to light and to encourage you to come back to our Lodge. As you may have heard through other Brothers, our meals have ‘stepped up to bat’ immensely, so to speak. We have several very talented cooks in our ranks. Although it is a bit of extra work to plan, shop, and cook for a crowd, the results are not only satisfying, but brings us together to share ideas, experiences, and values. This month, for instance, we had Chicken Piccata, cavatelli pasta Alfredo Primavera, Caesar salad, and of course – garlic bread. Next month promises to be equally good – steak tips by Past Master Ziehm! Our June Stated will be our hiatus feast, with RW Larry Gullett providing the vittles. September will be Bro. Iouri Starosselski in special guest chef appearance. We are an international cadre of cooks, just like our Fraternity. Remember that these meals are open to everyone – family and friends. Always fun, tasty, and unforgettable. I extend a special thanks to those who show up to assist – very much appreciated!

I have located the Travelling Gavel that was started in 2003. It is currently in possession of Ancient York Lodge in Lowell, having traveled throughout the US and Canada. It is time that we brought it

back to Nashua Rising Sun! Stay tuned for details. We need only 10 Brothers to travel to reclaim it, and the friendships we will renew will be unforgettable. As mentioned at our April Stated, we are also planning a Fall trip to Rhode Island to Rising Sun Lodge #30. At the New England Brotherhood night in Boston, we met some officers of the RI Grand Lodge, and found that the building where the RI Lodge meets is also their Grand Lodge building. We are excited at the thought of visiting because they are named after our own Rising Sun #39. Again, we will make plans

and let you know details as soon as possible. Also, in September I will begin to expose proposed plans for the 200th anniversary of our Lodge. Thanks to everyone – Past Masters, Grand Lodge officers, and many Brethren – for their input! Now the time is to begin settling on the events, nail the high-level planning for financing, setting up responsibilities, etc. This is going to be a gala event, and will have several Grand Lodges involved, as well as the other Nashua Masonic bodies and local community leaders. I am indebted to Roger Gaskill, our Lodge Historian, for writing up the celebrations of the previous celebrations. Very interesting that his wife baked a celebration cake that fed 400 guests at the celebration for our 150th

Until next month, look to the West!

From the South: John C. Woodrow JW

Are You a MINO?

I recently attended an evening of Masonic

instruction with Mike Salisbury, Grand

Lecturer and a down to earth brother that

knows ritual cold, and has the ability to

speak to you not at you. At one point in

the evening he used the term “MINO”

which I had never heard before, MINO-

Mason In Name Only, used to describe our

brothers who perhaps pay their dues but

are not otherwise active in Masonry. It’s

something that I’ve been thinking about

over these past few weeks.

A study of men in the 1980’s found… “almost to a man, the men were so caught up in working, building their careers and being more involved with their children than their own fathers had been, something had to give,” Dr. Schwartz said. “And what gave was connection with male friends. Their lives just didn’t allow time for friendships.”

I invite you to take a minute and think about it, have you fallen into the MINO rut? Everyone is wrestling with life circumstances, commitments and obligations and you can only go so far as your cable tow allows. We were all told as we were working towards becoming

Master Masons “you’ll get out of Masonry

what you put into it-”- like any worthwhile

endeavor it’s an investment.

Are you a MINO? No judgement, just food

for thought.

Hope to see you soon.

Everyone having fun at the 70’s Dance

Masonic Birthdays –May 2019

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Mark A. Marden 59
Creighton L. MacKinley 57
Archie S. Mobley Jr. 55
John J. McCartney 51
Peter M. Shulkin
Kenneth W. Juttner 41
Robert G. Bianchi 33
Albert R. Anctil 32
John W. Jackson 25
Matthew H. Hoffman 15
Robert P. Cate 13
Gregory R. Hovagim 13
Ryan B. Gartley 11
David O. Hunt 11
Jacon B. Weisberg 11
Brian M. Anderson 8
John B. Burns 6
Michael T. Rhodes 6
Alexander J. Woodrow 6

Elected Officers – Rising Sun 2019

Worshipful Master: Timothy Marotte

Senior Warden Richard Johnston

Junior Warden John Woodrow

Secretary Brian Smith

Associate Secretary Larry Gullett

Treasurer Kevin Bailey

Associate Treasurer Steve Bahsler

Trustee: Ed Waible

Grand Lodge Rep: Michael Tebbetts

Lodge Dues are $115 for Rising Sun, combined with the Assessments for 2019 totaling $55 this brings the total to $170. Note that dues are due prior to the ensuing year. 2019 Dues are due on or before December 31, 2018

Brethren we still have a significant number of members who have not paid their Dues.

If you need assistance, please contact the Master or Secretary


You may pay via check, or electronically via the Rising Sun Website. You may also make donations electronically for specific f