November trestle board

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Rising Sun Lodge #39


Masonic Trestleboard

~November 2019~

Important Lodge Events






Upcoming events

October 30th 2019

Entered Apprentice Degree open 7 pm

Nov 6th

Officer’s rehearsal 7pm.

Nov 13th

Master Mason Degree 1st Section 5:30 Dinner at 6:30 2nd section at 7:30 Please make dinner reservations with RW Gullett

Nov 28th

Once again, we will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is invited, dinner will be served at 2pm. Please make reservations with RW Gullett

Dec 4th

Fellowcraft Degree Lodge opens at 7 pm.

Dec 7th Mark your calendars for our Annual Christmas party. More details to follow.

From the East

As you may have noticed by the lodge schedule, we have quite a bit of activity coming up to close out the year. It brings me great joy to see new brothers being initiated into our fraternity and to see our brothers progressing through their degrees successfully and the support from brothers on the sideline. Among the many activities we have scheduled for our lodge in November one of our most important fundraising and community service activities is coming up our annual turkey drive. The work we do in the lodge to make new Masons and deliver outstanding ritual is important, but the work we do outside of the lodge to enrich our communities is one of the greatest expressions of the tenets of our fraternity so please consider those in need as we move forward into the holiday season.

Our Lodge will be busy in the next month and a half and I encourage all brothers to participate as liberally as they can, a new brother’s initiation or raising is a once in a lifetime experience and that event is only enhanced by seeing the sidelines full. Please make every effort to attend as many of these important events as you can because your effort will create stronger bonds between the members of this Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally, Tim Marotte W.M.

From the West

The variety of scenes that Fall brings to the discerning eye is truly striking. As I write this, my backyard woods are illuminated by a bright sun and a golden rain of leaves. Although I personally dread winter’s cold and snow removal, I am taken by the beautiful gift of Fall, which is an acceptable trade-off. I now understand why my Father – and Brother – was so insistent that we travel yearly from New Jersey to New England. I never expected that I would move here permanently, but am now glad that I did. We just held the Masonic Open House and I think I can speak for everyone who participated that it was an interesting experience. We have done this for several years now, and I have noticed that the questions from visitors are becoming more informed. Perhaps this is a result of the media generally promoting our Fraternity in ways that naturally prompt people to do their research? In past Open Houses I fielded questions around esoteric fiction, alchemy, the “New World Order”, and hidden Templar treasure. The questions now revolve around our moral goals, compatibility with various religions, history, and our impact within the community. This is an important distinction. It demonstrates that the Fraternity is of interest to

thinking visitors, who are looking to participate in something practical, larger and more important than themselves. I came away from that day exhausted, reflective, and pleased. On a more practical note, one of the visitors was a descendant of one of Rising Sun’s founding officers. Melissa Lund is descended from John Lund, a Grantee of our original June 13, 1822 dispensation from the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire. She was in the process of cleaning out stored items, and brought to the Lodge a copy of the Rising Sun Centennial book published in 1922. Her comment was that this was an item that she knew we would value, and that this was its home. I was moved and thankful for her thoughtfulness. This gift will be placed in the second-floor library as a reference for anyone with an interest. Please do not remove it from the Library, but leave it there for others to read. In particular, pages 54-55 have what amounts to a direct charge from the Brethren of 1922 to those of 2022. I hope you will take their charge to heart as I have. It is a powerful message from our Brethren Past, traveling across the generations! I have also uploaded a pdf copy of the book to the Rising Sun #39 Facebook page should you like to download a personal copy.

My Brothers, enjoy the Fall colors, support each other, the Craft, and count your blessings!

Rich Johnston, PM, Senior Warden From the South

Earlier this month we held an impromptu Brotherhood night at Boston Billiards. We had a wonderful time just celebrating being brothers, without concerning ourselves with floor work, remembering our lines or signs. It was refreshing to just relax and enjoy being in each other’s company without obligation or requirements to do so. It was also a great opportunity to welcome newly made Masons as well as a few candidates interested in learning more about our brotherhood. We spend hours and hours and hours rehearsing and preparing ourselves to pass along light to others in our fraternity, but this event reminded me that we can spend too much time looking down at the position of our feet, and not looking up at the men in front of us. The purpose of Masonry is to take a good man and make him better. That’s not just accomplished only in the lodge room, it’s done in the kitchen, the dining room, in the local tavern, bowling alley and pool hall.

I’ve been a Mason nine years this month and have never been more excited about the future for Rising Sun Lodge. This is OUR lodge brothers, it’s up to us whether we merely survive or thrive and prosper. We have SEVEN new candidates or brothers looking forward to receiving their degrees over the next few months. While we have a lot of work ahead of us, and there is little question in my mind that they will receive good degrees. The question then becomes what next? After the degree is given, more light shared, and we remove our aprons, will we be a Lodge newly made Masons will feel a part of? Will we be a Lodge where they will be welcome and want to return and where they want to grow as men?

I’m proud of the Lodge, how we have grown and who we are as Masons, but to quote a famous coach we need to be sure that we are good in “all three phases of the game”. In this case not just attracting new members, and delivering solid ritual, but being a Lodge where brothers feel welcome, included and a part of something bigger than themselves.

John Woodrow JW

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Brother Years
Allan M. Barker 72
Jesse F. Hall 68
Richard E. Gilson 61
Lewis H. Coronis 57
Earl S. Prolman 56
Robert E. Nicholson 53
Reuben S. Streeper 41
Jon R. Widdowson 41
Kenneth E. Patterson 21
Jonathan P. Ramsdell 12
Robert M. Marotte 10
Adam P. Shrey 10
William S. Horn 9
Leonard L. Perkins 9

I wish each of the above Brethren a very happy Masonic Birthday, and invite them to join us at Lodge this month, so that I may personally extend my hand and best wishes.

Timothy Marotte, W.M.

Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M., Secretary