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Rising Sun Lodge #39


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From the East

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your support at our installation of officers last month, it is always good to see brethren coming together with their friends and families to support the lodge’s activities and I hope to see that bond strengthen throughout the remainder of my term.

For those of you that were in attendance at our degree inspection, and especially to those who participated, I would like to thank you. The officer team and the ritual teams served the lodge admirably and the comments from the DDGL were mostly positive and indicated a candidate in that degree would have received a good experience. Ritual performance is at the top of my “to -do” list for this year and we are on the right path to meet that goal. As the year progresses there are several ritual workshops coming up in the district, one of which will be hosted by our lodge on May 21st. This is a great opportunity to learn from ritual performers across the district and I encourage all officers and members with an interesting in improving their ritual performance to attend these workshops during this year. Thank you all again for your work in and outside of the lodge, without you we would not succeed.

Sincerely and Fraternally, Tim Marotte W.M.

From the West Richard L. Johnston PM SW

Recently, we have had the sad task of bidding beloved Brothers “goodbye” as

they laid down their working tools and passed to the Celestial Lodge. It gave me the motivation to consider the entire Process and what it means to everyone. When a Brother passes, the family is of course saddened. But another effect is that they may feel the loss of the friendships that surrounded our Brother. If the family was also involved in Star, Rainbow, DeMolay or other bodies they sometimes struggle to find their new normal. By reaching out, we can help them to maintain that continuity of friendship, and take some of the stresses of daily life off of their shoulders. Our Lodge has a Special Ladies committee, chaired by Worshipful Marotte and including Bros. Peter Shulkin and Ken Ziehm PM. The mandate of this committee is to remain in touch with each Lady throughout the year to ensure they are not forgotten or have unmet needs. It is an important obligation we cheerfully discharge via special events, seasonal gifts, and the occasional calls or visits to ‘check in’. Those of us who have been involved with this program know that there is a deep satisfaction when a Special Lady expresses their delight that a familiar face remembers them and has their well-being at heart. It makes it easier for them to reach out when they are in need. As Masons, I encourage each of you to keep our Special Ladies in your thoughts, and to assist the Brothers of the Special Committee with developing new ideas, a helping hand, and your support when asked. A luncheon out, an invitation to a cruise or other semi-public event, or simply a phone call is always

appreciated. These are indeed very Special Ladies, and I assure you, it is time well spent.

From the South: John C. Woodrow JW

As Masons we all are called to attend Masonic funerals for our brothers. It is an honor to which every Master Mason is entitled. I would rather not go. It’s not ever easy, and there is always a concern that we’ll say the wrong thing or not know what to say when we speak to a mourning family, or a bereaved widow. It can be especially difficult when the Brother who has passed, is not only your brother but someone special in your growth as a Mason and a man. I never know what to say at funerals, “I’m sorry for your loss” seems so lame and impersonal as do most of the canned expressions of sympathy that easily roll off our tongues. What I have learned over the years however is that it doesn’t really matter what you say, what really matters is that you are there; present, and in the moment. What matters is you took the time to show up, risking that awkward embrace, that voice unable to speak, embarrassing tears, or a suddenly blank mind. What matters brothers is that we are there, standing tall, fully present, bearing witness to a Brothers passing, honoring his life, validating his principles and representing his values. There to say a final goodbye as our departed brother now moves on to live in that house not built by human hands forever in the heavens. So Mote It Be.

Elected Officers – Rising Sun 2019

Worshipful Master: Timothy Marotte

Senior Warden Richard Johnston

Junior Warden John Woodrow

Secretary Brian Smith

Associate Secretary Larry Gullett

Treasurer Kevin Bailey

Associate Treasurer Steve Bahsler

Trustee: Ed Waible

Grand Lodge Rep: Michael Tebbetts

Lodge Dues are $115 for Rising Sun, combined with the Assessments for 2019 totaling $55 this brings the total to $170. Note that dues are due prior to the ensuing year. 2019 Dues are due on or before December 31, 2018

Brethren we still have a significant number of members who have not paid their Dues.

If you need assistance, please contact the Master or Secretary


You may pay via check, or electronically via the Rising Sun Website. You may also make donations electronically for specific funds as well.

Happy Masonic birthdays- March 2019

Brother Years

Davis P. Thurber 70
Charles H. Farwell Jr. 68
Paul K. Geddes 63
Alton M. Hopkins 61
Roland N. Petersen 58
Gerald K. Classon 52
George D. Van Dyke 52
Richard C. Clifton 43
George J. Louzek Jr. 44
C. Wayne Libby Jr. 40
Robert G. Hampton 37
Maurice J. Cloutier Jr. 36
Robert A. Maffee 35
Thomas A. Maffee 35
Roger J. Pellerin 34
Carey L. Wallace 33
Paul F. Matthews 30
William M. Martin 22
Donald J. Campbell 20
Clement G. Hartley 20
William R. Kime 20
Raymond R. Russell Jr. 20
Guy R. Martineau 16
Kenneth E. Ziehm III 15

Installation of Worshipful Master Timothy Marotte and the officers of Rising Sun # 39 February 2019.

Presentation of 50-year medal to Ray Palmer PM Traveling to All American in Londonderry from left to right Rich Johnston PM, RW Robert Porter DDGM District 2, Larry Gullett PM and Dennis Webster PM