February Stated meeting tonight!

Have you been to lodge lately?

We would love to see you. If you need a ride to lodge contact one of your officers http:// https://risingsun39.com/officers/ (yes I know it isn’t updated yet it will be soon). We have a new line come support your brothers.

Also I left something off Feb. Trestle board I will attach it here.

Friendship and Social Enjoyment

In 2018 the brothers of Rising Sun Lodge visited John Albro Lodge. part of our annual exchange. On their way home Brother Guy Martineau’s car had a blowout. While fixing the tire a local resident of Machias stopped to help. After introductions are made both realize that they are brothers. Not only that but Brother Erik Guptill is to be installed as master of Warren Lodge in Jan of 2019. Brother Guy make a simple promise. To thank him for the help he’s coming back in January with a few brothers.

On January 12th, 13 Brothers from Nova Scotia and 7 Brothers from New Hampshire, came to visit Warren Lodge #2. We met our fellow Masons in Machais, ME. The new Brothers we met and made new friends is Masonry at its finest. A selfless act turned into a great event. If that’s not what Masonry is all about, then I don’t know what is.