December Trestle board 2018

RisingSun Lodge #39 F&AM

From the East

Happy Holidays Brethren

For those of you who were not at the November Grand Lodge meeting you missed out on the presentation of the Jeremy Ladd Cross award to Worshipful Brother Rich Johnston. Please join me in offering Rich congratulations on receiving this high honor.

The annual turkey drive went very well and we delivered a lot of turkeys. Thanks to Brothers Larry Gullett, Bob Bianchi, and Rich Johnston for all of your hard work. The annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge was well attended and well done, as usual. Thanks go out to Brother Larry Gullett and to the other Brothers who made this possible.

Lodge kitchen cleanup is coming up on Sat. Dec 15 at 8:30am, and we can always use a few Brothers. Many hands make work light.

We will be holding our annual election of officers for the coming year at our next Stated Communication on Wed. Dec 19. Try to be there and take part in the selection of officers who will lead your Lodge in 2019.

We will be holding the Master Mason degree inspection by our DDGL on Wed. January 30. In preparation there will be a rehearsal on Wed. Jan 23, at 7:00. If you want to take part, please let our SD, Brother Woodrow know ASAP. Both of these dates are mandatory for the officers and degree team.

Kenneth E. Ziehm II, W.M.

Mobile: 603.315-1157

The Holidays

HappyHolidays!!! Whether it is Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa,what do the holidays mean to us? No matter what your personalbeliefs, I think we can all agree that it is a magical time ofyear, with beautiful decorations, and amazing light displays. Anopportunity to give gifts and spend time with friends and family. The warmth of season’s greetings serves to remind us all that thereis still good left in our world. Our simple greeting of “MerryChristmas”, or “Happy Holidays” shows others that we share inthe spirit of the holiday season. Let us not forget that this time ofyear can be very difficult for some. Whether it is due to financialhardship, departed loved ones, illness, or any of a number ofproblems that we all face in our lives, this can be a difficult timeas well. As Masons we value the tenets that we bring to our lodgemeetings and that we live in our daily lives. Brotherly Love,Relief, and Truth, the treasures of Freemasonry, are the foundingprinciples we all share. Let us be especially mindful of these tenetsduring the holiday season.

Important Lodge Events

Stated Meeting

WEDNESDAY Dec 19, 2018

business will include election of officers for 2019. 6:15pm Dinner, 7:30 pm Lodge Opens

master mason rehearsal

WEDNESDAY Jan 23, 2018

There will be a rehearsal for the upcomming MM degree inspection by the ddgl. at 7:00pm. attendance is mandatory for all officers and degree team members.

master mason degree inspection

WEDNESDAY Jan 30, 2018

the ddgl will be visiting lodge to witness our proficiency in the master mason degree.

first section 5:30pm, 6:30pm Dinner, 7:30 pm second section

Nashua & Other Masonic Family Dates:

Rainbow Stated – 1s & 3rd Thursdays

Nashua Assembly No. 9, International Order of Rainbow for Girls will meet at 7:00 pm.

Monday December 10, 2018–York Rite Stated

Meridian Sun Chapter No. 9, R.A.M., Israel Hunt Council No. 8, R.&S.M. and St George Commandery No. 8, K.T. will hold their stated communication at 7:30pm.

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018–Ancient York Lodge

Will hold its Stated Communication at 7:30 pm, to be preceded by dinner at 6:30 pm.

Friday, Dec 28, 2018– O.E.S.

Pilgrim Chapter No. 55 will hold its’ Stated Meeting at 7:30 pm.

Masonic Birthdays –December 2018

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Brother Years

Edward M. Annis 60

Jack H. Tottel 59

Samuel W. Kouchalakos 42

James F. McLaughlin 42

Jeffrey D. Alexander 24

George P. Brown 20

Norman J. Poisson 20

David J. Proulx 12

Robert S. Paul 11

Jay C. Taylor 10

Michael J. Marotte 9

Stephen W. Dohoney 5

Dominick L. Mandeville 5

DanielW. Leonard 1

I wish each of the above Brethren a very happy Masonic Birthday, and invite them to join us at Lodge this month, so that I may personally extend my hand and best wishes.

Kenneth E. Ziehm II, W.M.

Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M., Secretary

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