Sept. 2018 Trestle Board

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From the East

The Summer months are now behind us, and we are moving forward with candidates and their degrees.  The Fishing trip was an excellent adventure and was a great recruiting tool for the lodge as we should be seeing a request to join our Masonic lodge from one of the people that went on the trip.  We can thank Br. Martineau for another successful trip where everybody caught a ton of fish and had a lot of brotherly love displayed between multiple lodges.

Now that we are back in the swing of things District visitations are in full swing, and are a great way to go see parts of the degrees being performed around District #2.  RW DDGM Br. Robert M. Porter is from your lodge, and it is important that we support him in all his endeavors.  The format has changed and is very enjoyable, and I always enjoy seeing brothers from the other lodges.

Our Special ladies were taken on the Mt. Washington on Lake Winnepesaukee thank to the efforts of Br. Peter Shulkin.  That being said he could use a hand in assisting the special ladies committee.

The 200th anniversary of our lodge is coming up in the next few years and we are looking for volunteers for the committee, please let me or SW Tim Marotte know if you are interested in helping.

Finally, please help us help you, by letting us know if someone is sick or in distress, so that we can try to make a plan and fulfill our oath of brotherly love.

I look forward to seeing you in Lodge soon.

Kenneth E. Ziehm II, W.M.

Mobile: 603.315-1157


Let’s Go To Lodge Tonight

My brother, let’s go to Lodge tonight

You haven’t been for years.

Let’s don our Lambskin Apron white

And sit among our peers.

I feel a kind of longing, see,

to climb those creaky stairs

I know it’ll be a thrill for me

to lay aside my cares.

We’ll meet the Tyler at the door

and though he’ll hesitate,

we’ll hear him say just as before,

Come in or you’ll be late.

I’d like to get out on the floor

Come on, let’s get in line

I want to face the East once more

And give the same old sign.

I want to hear the gavel rap

the Craftsmen to attention

and see the Master don his cap

a night without dissention.

So come! Pass up that picture show,

or your wrestling bout or fight

Switch off that TV set! Let’s go!

Let’s go to Lodge tonight.

Author Unknown

Important Lodge Events

Stated Meeting

Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018

6:15pm Dinner 7:30 pm Lodge Opens

Special Events

See Inside for 2nd District Visitations



Can you cook? Test your culinary skills by signing up to cook a Stated Meeting Dinner this will help Brother Tim Marotte significantly.

Nashua & Other Masonic Family Dates:

Rainbow Stated1s & 3rd Thursdays

Nashua Assembly No. 9, International Order of Rainbow for Girls will meet at 7:00 pm.

Friday, September 28, 2018– O.E.S.

Pilgrim Chapter No. 55 will hold its’ Stated Meeting at 7:30 pm.

Saturday, September 29, 2018– O.E.S.

Pilgrim Chapter No. 55 will hold its’ Annual Installation of Officers at 2:00 pm at the Temple in Nashua.

The following visitation schedule has been established for the Second Masonic District for the 2018 -2019 year. Dinner is at 6:30, Lodge opens at 7:30. Dinner reservations are a must.

September 12 – Rising Sun Lodge (MM 1st section)
September 20 Pulpit Rock (FC 1st section)

October 18 – St. Marks (EA 1st section)
October 30 – Ancient York (MM 2nd section)
November 15 – Washington (EA 1st section)
November 29 – Spicket (FC 1st section)
December 4 – Lafayette-Bible (FC 1st section)


2017 Annual Dues Is Seriously Past Due

2018 Annual Dues is Past Due

You may pay via check, or electronically via the Rising Sun Website. You may also make donations electronically for specific funds as well.

Masonic Birthdays –September 2018

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Brother Years

Donald P. Phaneuf 10

Paul G. Bielawski 7

Christopher H. Fowler 7

Michael F. Rizzo 6

Scott A Smiledge-Farragamo 4

Michael Tibbetts 5

Robert Rashkin 41

Keith Vaskelionis Jr. 32

Zoltan A. Retey 30

Michael F. Jean 28

Richard G. Coutoumas 18

Adam J. Freiband 11

Alan J. Sewell 8

I wish each of the above Brethren a very happy Masonic Birthday, and invite them to join us at Lodge this month, so that I may personally extend my hand and best wishes.

Kenneth E Ziehm II, W.M.

Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M., Secretary