Special communication

The Most Worshipful Grand Master has released his re-entry plan for Lodges to begin meeting again.  As a result of this announcement it has been decided by the Officers of Rising Sun Lodge to hold our June Stated Communication on the regularly scheduled date of June 17, 2020 to be held at 7:30pm Eastern.  This meeting will not include a dinner, or post-meeting collation due to the regulations issue by the Grand Lodge.  As this is our June Stated Communication I also encourage you to come dressed casually and comfortably.  
Please familiarize yourself with the Grand Master’s Re-Entry plan and be prepared to have your temperature taken at Lodge in accordance with the Building Association’s requirements.  If you feel ill in any way or have a fever we ask that you please stay home as you will be turned away from the Lodge.  Please come prepared with a mask as it will be required for admittance and attendance at the meeting.
Finally, Brethren, know that this meeting is being held so that we may meet again together fraternally, but no one is expected to be there if they are uncomfortable with attending.  The choice to attend this meeting is left to each individual member and your Lodge supports that decision.
Timothy R. MarotteWorshipful Master

COVID-19 Lodge closing


In conformance with the edict issued by the Most Worshipful Grand Master on March 16, 2020, Rising Sun Lodge will be cancelling its Stated Communication previously scheduled for March 18, 2020.  This decision was made by the Officers of your Lodge in order to ensure that we do not experience any unnecessary risk during the States of Emergency declared by both the Federal and State governments.  
If any member is in need during this time please reach out to the Secretary or myself for assistance and we will do what we can to assist you.

Best Regards,
Timothy R. MarotteWorshipful MasterRising Sun Lodge

Contact Information:

Tim Marotte: 603-557-8931

Brian Smith: 603-321-6500