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I wish each of the above Brethren a very happy Masonic Birthday, and invite them to join us at Lodge this month, so that I may personally extend my hand and best wishes.

Timothy Marotte, W.M.

Attest: Brian J Smith, P.M., Secretary

If you need a ride to Lodge please contact the Master 603 557-8931

pcoming events

June 26th Entered Apprentice

Degree Lodge opens at 7:30

August 10th Deep Sea Fishing Trip,

please see Guy Martineau for more


Sept 19th through the 22nd our

Brother’s from John Albro Lodge # 122

will be visiting.

Friday September 20th we will be

hosting a Ladies of the Table. Tickets

are 25.00 each.

Saturday the 21st, John Albro will be

doing a Master Mason Degree. Lodge

will open at 10am.

Saturday evening will be a night of

fellowship and social enjoyment at

Brother Guy Martineau’s home.

From the East

In this last trestleboard before we go dark for the Summer, I would like to invite you all to join us with your families for the Hiatus Feast on June 19th. The Hiatus Feast is a great opportunity for brothers and their families to come together and enjoy each other’s company before we take our summer break. We had some great visitors at our last meeting who shared some kind words with us about brotherhood and strength of the fraternal bonds in our lodge and I hope that we can all take those to heart. One of the strongest aspects of our lodge is our relationships with each other and our recent outing to Granite State Indoor Range is a great example of the type of event that brings us together outside of lodge so I would like to thank our Senior Warden and Tyler for their organization of that great event. Brethren, please take some time to reach out to your brothers and ask how they are, these are the foundations that we build a lodge around.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Tim Marotte W.M.

From the West Richard L. Johnston PM SW

June brings us to summer, although as of today it does not feel like it. Patience, my Brothers! As of now, the majority of us are far beyond the cabin fever stage, and are already digging out our swim trunks to see if they still fit! With Mother’s Day, we kicked off another black fly season, and it will last through Father’s Day. Not sure why there is a coincidence, but after a sedentary winter, swatting at black flies at least gets us some exercise! May was a busy month for many Brothers – Scottish Rite and Consistory, York Rite degrees and installation of a new Most Excellent Grand Commander, Grand Lodge Annual meeting and installation,

new social events, and a Regional Brotherhood night in Boston. There is a renewed energy in our jurisdiction, and if you have not been to our Lodge in some time, it may be worthwhile to come back and see what has changed. Even though we are on a hiatus until September, keep an eye out for special events that may arise during the summer. Hope to see you soon! cake that fed 400 guests at the celebration for our 150th

Until next month, look to the West!

From the South: John C. Woodrow JW

I attended the 230th Grand Lodge of New Hampshire annual meeting this past Saturday. There were many, speakers, presentations, awards and deserving recognition. What stood out for me however were the poignant comments made by the 95-year-old Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Philip White. Invited to address the gathering (over 200 brothers from all 57 NH Lodges) he rose to speak without notes, but with great passion and conviction. In his remarks he essentially called out entire assembly of brothers for having forgotten a key tenant of Free Masonry, Brotherly Love.

Most Worshipful White said that now, more than ever our country needs to come together and be united as one and we as Masons were not doing enough to spread the brotherly love, we have for one another. He implored us to put down our cell phones, get out of our own Lodges to visit Brothers in other Lodges, not only within our own jurisdiction but to travel outside of our local area as well. He spoke with great fondness of how he and Brothers years ago, would make frequent road trips to other Lodges, and what began as one car filled with brothers quickly became a caravan of cars.

He went on to say that the time spent meeting brothers from other Lodges, some of whom turn into lifelong friendships were one of the most cherished parts of his Masonic experiences over the years. He ended his comments with a raised voice and pointed finger telling us all it was time to ‘get off our butts’ and spread the love we have for each other as Masons. He closed simply saying, our country needs us. He received a standing ovation.

Note: Rising Sun Lodge is in the process of planning trips to visit Lodges in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the near future, hope you’ll be able to join us. Also, my Brothers don’t forget that our Brothers from our sister Lodge in Nova Scotia will be joining us in Nashua the weekend of September 20th.

Hope to see you soon.

Happy Masonic Birthday to the following Brethren:

Brother Years
Ronald D. Weiss 60
Stanley J. Brenner 59
Harold F. Bickford 47
Harry M. Willnus 40
John W. Herrholz 38
Raymond G. Ouellette 38
Stephen K . Bahsler 36
Treffley E. Sage 32
Ronald E. Carbary 31
John Callahan 24
Robert D. Jungkman 23
Larry D. Gullett 21
Bruce S. Ricard 21
Dwight V. Cram 16
Gary T. Asselin 12
David W. Tauer 10
Iraklis H. Lazaridis 9
Edward M. Waible 9
Robert A. Hardman 9
Scott A. Smiledge-Ferragamo 5
Michael A. Arnold 5
Darren A. Stanizzi 5
Robert B. Yonaitis 3
Kevin A. Bailey 3
Alastair P. Huntley 2

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